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Amy Under the Oak Sound and Hypnosis

Vibrations for mind, body, and soul.


Sound Bath Meditations & Hypnotherapy

Combining sound bath mediations, energy work, and hypnotherapy to create positive change, reach goals, and bringing a sense of peace and over all well being.


Sound Bath Meditation

A sound bath is a meditative experience where those participating are "bathed" in sound waves and vibrations coming from different musical instruments. Sound healing and using sound vibrations has been around for a very long time. From Ancient Greece and Egyptian times, sound has been used to improve overall well being for centuries. During a sound bath meditation each person lays or sits in a comfortable position while different instruments create vibration and sound that allows the mind and body to go into deeper states of consciousness and relaxation. 
Crystals bowls, drums, rattles, chimes, and gongs are some of the different instruments used during a sound bath. Each instrument has different sound frequencies and vibrations that help the mind get into deeper states of relaxation. Sound bath meditations can trigger the parasympathetic nervous system, lowering blood pressure, heart rate, and even increases in serotonin. Sound baths have been known to create relaxing brain waves, going from beta, everyday consciousness, to alpha and theta brain states. When our brain waves are in the alpha and theta states we have deeper relaxation, increased creativity, increased serotonin, and it brings the body and mind to a state where healing can occur.



Hypnosis is a natural yet altered trance like state where the mind and body are deeply relaxed and open to positive suggestions. Hypnosis allows for better communication between the conscious and subconscious mind creating positive change and results. We often go into trance like states daily, which can feel similar to the feeling of right before you fall asleep or the moment before waking up. You may have experienced a trance like state while reading a book, tuning the world and noise around you out. You may have experienced a trance state while driving and suddenly reaching your destination not remembering the drive. 
Hypnosis can create true and lasting change. Hypnotherapy has many benefits and can help with stress, self esteem, confidence, anxious feelings, phobias, grief, insomnia, fears, nail biting, pain management, setting goals, abundance and prosperity programming, weight loss, studying, past life regression, child regression, and so much more. Call for your free phone consultation.


Private Sessions

Personal sound bath focusing on deep mental and physical relaxation and any personal goals or intentions. A sound bath brings deep relaxation, increased serotonin, increased creativity, improved sleep, and so much more. Instruments often featured are the crystal bowls, crystal harp, Koshi chimes, ocean drum, and bar chimes. Book a private session online.

Hypnotherapy sessions available personally catered to the clients needs. Many different techniques and modalities used to create positive change. Morning and evening sessions available in studio or your home. To learn more about sessions click here or call for a free phone consultation.


Weekly Classes & Group Sessions


Monthly Classes available for booking. Please check the Book Online tab for classes and private sessions


Monthly community sound bath classes available. Click here for upcoming sound bath meditations


Private group and couple sessions available for your own intimate gathering. Customized for your special gathering, group, or couple sessions. Creating a space of relaxation, calming, and restorative vibes. Bringing the mind, body, and spirit into a state of well being. Setting a personal intention important for the client or gathering.

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About Me

My name is Amy Mason and I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Sound Bowl practitioner, and Spiritual Earth Keeper based in sunny Florida. I am here to help clients empower themselves using tools of sound vibration, hypnosis, breathwork, energy work, and finding their way back to connecting with Mother Earth. We are all apart of nature, and I help you reconnect and tap into your own inner wisdom and guidance that is available to us all from our Creator.
I have had many beautiful and transforming experiences with hypnosis, Crystal singing bowls, yoga, astrology, Druidry, and meditation. Finding my spiritual path lead me to many beautiful teachings. Reading books on spirituality and meditation I wanted to learn more about how I could share and be of service to others. Eventually that lead me to finding hypnotherapy school. I have over 400 Hours of training from The Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy (IIH), the only state licensed school of Hypnotherapy in Florida. Also studying in The Jaguar Path and learning Shamanic tools, and Certification in Sound therapy and sound healing.   

 I reside in sunny Florida with my husband, and three children and two fur babies Loki and Lola. I love research, the paranormal, nature, making jewelry, reading, and writing. I have also studied at Polk Community College and training in workshops of yoga and meditation.​​ I use many different modalities in my practice such as NLP techniques, Parts Therapy, Gestalt, Past Life Regression and meditative techniques. For sound bath meditations I love using different instruments such as the drum, rattles, crystal singing bowls, crystal harp, and chimes to create healing sound vibrations for mind, body, and spirit. I am here to help be of service and meet my clients needs. I believe in the transformations that everyone can make by empowering their lives bringing more inner peace and joy.
Certified and insured. 


For community and  to stay up to date along with other special offerings join me online at my Patreon, instragram and facebook accounts. 

Stay in Touch

Amy Under the Oak Sound and Hypnosis is committed to using sound and hypnotic vibrations for peace and transformation. Questions, comments or special requests? Get in touch for a one on one or group session today.
Amy Under the Oak LLC

Lakeland, FL, USA


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