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 Sound Bath Meditations with Amy 

Join Sound Healer and Hypnotherapist Amy Mason and Shaman and Yoga teach Prima Burney for a night of self care. Featuring restorative yoga and a relaxing sound bath meditation, to help the mind and body go into deeper states of relaxation. Featuring relaxing and restorative yoga poses Prima will guides us through all while listening to the crystal bowls, crystal harp, ravvast drum, chimes, and more. We will be setting intentions of peace, gratitude, and tapping into our heart space. Come get a good start out to your week with some peaceful vibrations. 

Save the Date

When: Sunday September 1st

Time: 5:oopm -6:15pm 

Where: Yoga Haven 

1511 6th St SE, Winter Haven, FL 33880


Community Workshops and Park Sound Vibrations

Floating SoulBath Meditation Friday July 26th 7:30pm - 9pm

We will be taking a journey floating in the tranquil pool letting the sound and vibrations of the crystals bowls wash over us. Floating on water and being bathed in loving sound vibrations.


Join sound healer and hypnotherapist Amy Mason of Amy Under the Oak and sound healer, yoga teacher and Reiki Master Christina Arenas aka Christina the Light worker on Instagram. We will collaborating to bring you mystical peaceful and relaxing vibrations to take you deeper within on your floating journey. Space is limited to float! Floating beds provided. Please bring your own towels, or blanket you don't mind getting wet.


When we listen to a Sound Bath Meditation, it can increase serotonin, lower blood pressure, increased creativity, improved sleep, lowered heart rate, reduces stress, and anxiety.


A floating ticket will be in the pool. Bringing a sensation of deep relaxation as you float in the water and surrounding sound vibrations.


Seating also available poolside if you do not want to get wet during the experience.


Join us at beautiful Welcome Canary Apartments

Hosted by Canary, Amy Under the Oak and Christina the Light Worker


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